Ŧĥē ŖĕϝȭɾɱɘƋ ȺȃȾȼ Ĉľʼn

"Live to fight. Fight to serve. Serve to die."

Ŧħé ĄāŢć Ŗěƒõŕɱąţįőŋ!

Welcome to the NEW Assassin Army of the Terra Creed! This is the site for the bringing back of AaTc. For all new members, See the AaTc's History Page and Sign the Guestbook!

Ӎąĭń ŞŴƁƑ1 ƊįⱴÌõň


                  The <AaTc> Star Wars: Battlefront 1 division is the center of AaTc.


If you are here to join AaTc, you should have either been recruited or are coming to see a leader to join. Only the elite may join AaTc. You must always be active and improve in skill to get rank-ups. If you want to join read The Law, The Assassin's Creed and Joining AaTc. It is necessary to do these to join. You must know what to do and how to do it. If you have questions xfire our leaders, or post on the guestbook. KoteY's xfire is cljcommando and Cyclone's is sixbluetiger6.


                      Always obey the Assassin's Terra Creed.



Ħįšŧôŕý Şũɱɱāŗÿ

At first Slice made Clone League of Jetters (CLJ) then Commando took over and made the first AaTc or American Army Training Corps. They ruled a long and glorious reign over SWBF1 and then people started leaving SWBF1 for other games. AaTc was reformed into Assassin Army of the Terra Creed. It is a certain creed that the clan lives and fights by.

Šįţę Ĥīŧş